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My profile page project

Keyword: amethyst

Color by COLOURlovers

Color by COLOURlovers

Color by COLOURlovers

Color by COLOURlovers

This is for today.

I search through a keyword, and highlight a few good palettes in my profile.

I try to highlight ones that I think are well, "iconic" of the keyword, maybe a little neglected even though wonderful, unique, and sometimes, yes, I do pick ones that are fairly popular.
I also try to make sure most of the time I get some variety, but sometimes my own sense of what's aesthetic takes over. I try to include bright, spectrum blends, pale, dark, etc...
I've mostly started to go alphabetically while I am searching, and honestly, some keywords are huge, so I figure on some "repeats" after a few months!

I try to be really inclusive of all sorts of keywords...this week my themes are gems, jewels, metals...next week is ...? I am trying for as much diversity as possible. Next theme (as of 7/7) will be places I've been, would like to go, lived in or have some sort of connection to...from countries to cities...

If you see any palettes that make you love them: go over and share the love to the makers.
Some aren't as active as they used to be, or almost inactive...but if it's a palette that I think expresseds something about the palette--bright a new thought to me, or is emblematic or just plain too gorgeous to resist, I choose it.
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